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PARTICIPATION CENTER: The Participant Center houses your personal fundraising website. There, you will find e-mail templates to make sending e-mails to your friends and families as easy as can be! From the Participant Center you are able to set up your personal web page, send e-mails to friends, co-workers and connect with friends on Facebook. Be sure to check your participant center often for new donations and messages.

FUNDRAISING! All Ride participants are required to fundraise a minimum of $140, and we've made it easy with online fundraising tools! When you registered for the Ride you automatically received your own fundraising website which can be personalized. Start now by logging in, and encouraging everyone you know to visit your site, see what you are doing in the fight against breast cancer and make a donation on your behalf.

CASH OR CHECK DONATIONS: If you collected donations in the form of check or cash, please send them to our office using your fundraising form.

Mail-in fundraising forms must be received by Wednesday, March 1, 2017 for donations to be credited toward the Ride day calculations. Forms should be mailed to:

Susan G. KomenŽ North Florida
200 West Forsyth Street, Suite 1620, Jacksonville, Florida 32202

PARTICPANTS: When using the fundraising form, please be sure to list the full names and addresses of people who make donations on your behalf so that we may send them their tax-deductible receipt.


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